10 Years of DabbledooMusic!

This year we are celebrating 10 years of DabbledooMusic!

In 2011 myself and DabbledooMusic co-founder Killian Redmond, launched the first version of our online resources, self published a children’s workbook and started working with teachers to develop our full curriculum content for primary schools. Ten years later we are helping over 800 schools and thousands of teachers across Ireland to bring the primary music curriculum to life.

Killian and Shane in the first DabbledooMusic "office" in the back of the Bernard Shaw 2011

Our book launch party in 2011 where friends and family got to try out our resources

In the beginning, our website was a simple blog with play-along video pieces and the accompanying activity book was designed to lead children and teachers through a series of musical activities and games. In 2013, we launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to develop a suite of interactive resources designed to combine these video and printed elements to make music more accessible and fun in the classroom. These resources are now being used in hundreds of classrooms across Ireland to help children perform and compose music every day.

In 2016,s we received an award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, an amazing organisation full of energetic, enthusiastic people who help organisations fulfil their potential to change the world for the better. Our award from SEI gave us confidence and support to launch our full curriculum program in 2017 with out first 50 schools.

Since then we have continued to work with schools and teachers to make sure children across Ireland have access to all the benefits that quality music education can provide. We are currently being used in over 800 school with 45,000 users signed up to our online platform, including over 10,0000 parents. We will continue to work with teachers, parents and schools to make sure that a new generation of children grow up with a life long love and appreciation of music.

Throughout the 2021/22 school year we will hosting a series of special events and workshops to celebrate our 10 years, hopefully in person with real live musical events. So stay tuned, and if you haven’t given DabbledooMusic a go yet, we have a free trial to introduce you and your class to some of our favourite lessons.


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