DabbledooMusic SchoolFest 2022


A music festival is the perfect way to end the school year on a high. We have created a free course with all the content you need to make it happen.

Your music festival can take place within the classroom or as full school project where each classroom can host a different musical experience and the sports hall and outdoor areas can become the main stage or the dance area.

We suggest taking time to plan the event to give the children time to design the look and layout of their festival, as well as choosing the musical line-up. We have broken down the organisation of Schoolfest 2022 into six main areas:

  • Tickets and wristbands can be made with simple classroom art supplies. The class can decide on a theme for their festival artwork or even a colour scheme that they can all work from.
  • These tickets and wristbands can be great souvenirs for children to keep from class to class, so make sure to have the date and the year on them.

  • For younger classes the campsite can be a fun role play part of the school festival experience. This could include making tents out of tables, chairs and sheets. For older classes, the campsite can be a place to hang out and relax in between musical performances and listening sessions.


  • We have worked with some of Ireland top musicians and artist to create a collection of video recordings for the class to enjoy.
  • There are also a huge range of great concerts online from international artists. We listed some of these in a blog post last year.
  • The main stage is also somewhere where we can celebrate music from different parts of the world. Maybe the children would like to create a display of the music from around the world they have discovered this year.

Click HERE to go to the Schoolfest 2022 resources with some of our favourite Irish artists.


  • Here, the class can select their favourite performances and songs from the year and practice them for the big day.
  • In a classroom setting you could have different group performing different songs or performance pieces from throughout the year. As a full school project, you could have different classes showing the other children what pieces they have learned throughout the year, along with showing them what to look forward to next year.
  • Any teachers or children who play instruments or sing could also perform for the class.


  • In the free content we have included a great DJ set from our very own Killian Redmond and a short video explaining what a DJ does and how they mix different songs together.
  • All you need for the dance area is some space and some speakers!

  • The chill out zone could be an area in the classroom or school where you can find some peace and quiet. It could also be a certain time of the day when all classes take some time to listen to our chill out playlist and practice breathing exercises, stretching or yoga.
  • The chill out zone is often an area where you will find the spoken word tent. This is where you can try some live comedy, group discussions, story telling or poetry readings. If anyone in the class has a poem or a joke, that can be part of the festival experience too.
  • We have some very special guided meditation and yoga videos for your class to follow from our good friend Jo. (https://www.joga.yoga/)

For all the resources you need to turn your classroom into Electric Picnic, go to our free resources at dabbledoomusic.com.


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