Irish Women in Music - And in Your Classroom

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018 we wanted to bring to your attention some of our favourite female Irish artists with a listening and responding lesson.

We have focused on six artists for classroom listening with a further listening list below.

We chose these six bands, musicians and composers to represent the broad range of music being created by female artists in Ireland today.

Bray trio Wyvern Lingo blend hip-hop and r'n'b sensibilities with some unique vocal harmonies. They've put out two EPs and their debut album to date and are definitely heading for big things. Check out their website to stay up to date.

Lisa Hannigan has one of the most unique voices in modern Irish music. A gifted songwriter with three albums under her belt, she combines equal parts folk and pop to craft tracks that stay in your head from the first listen. Keep an eye on news and tour dates on her website

Fehdah is the project of Sierra-Leonean born Emma Garnett and a 7-piece band. To hear such progressive musical arrangements matched up with a frankly gorgeous voice is refreshing in the extreme. Check out more of her sounds over here.

Radie Peat and Lisa O'Neill are two of our favourite singers here in Dabbledoo HQ. They teamed up on the fantastic Irish music show 'This Ain't No Disco' to deliver this jaw dropping version of Margaret Barry's 'Factory Girl' (read more about the legendary Margaret Barry in this article). You can find out more about Lisa O' Neill's music here and Radie Peat records and gigs with both Lankum and Rue.

Originally a classically trained violinist, Joni possesses a beautiful and powerful soul singing style which she uses to full effect in this, her debut single, titled 'Running'. Joni has worked with some of the finest electronic music producers in Ireland as well as doing a regular radio show on Dublin Digital Radio. Keep an eye on what she's up to here.

Amanda Feery is one of Ireland's best composers. The breadth and depth of her work shows a masterful understanding of vocal, instrumental and electronic music. Constantly collaborating, and with some exciting projects in the pipeline for the near future, keep up to date with her sounds over here.

Here's but a few other leading ladies in the modern Irish music scene:


Katie Kim

Clang Sayne

Brigid Mae Power

Everything Shook


Niamh de Barra


Jane Cassidy


In The Classroom - Lesson

As a listening and responding lesson for the day lets focus on three questions to focus our listening and get a conversation going about the music.

What instruments are being used?

Is this a band, a composer or solo artist?

Have you heard this type of music before and where?

  • Listen to each track (and watch the video for clues!)
  • Discuss what you hear using the three questions.
  • Scroll down to find out more under the video.

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